Bible Authority
Understanding Bible Authority PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kris Brewer   

Why are there so many different religious beliefs in the world today? We can walk down the street of any town in America and find several “churches” where people come together to “worship” God. Why do people feel that there is a need for so many “churches?” Though it may seem like an oversimplification of the situation, the answer comes down to one point. People differ in their opinions over the importance of Bible authority. They differ on how much emphasis needs to be placed on the teachings of the Bible, and how closely they need to follow those teachings. Because of these differences, men “denominate,” or split apart, from one another.

The Doctrine of the Church PDF Print E-mail
Written by David McPherson   

The church Jesus built (Matt 16:18) has no human creeds, disciplines, manuals, catechisms, etc.  The use of such constitutes “vain” worship (Matt 15:9).  Nor does it uphold any teaching that originated within the church.  I sense that there is no such thing as “church of  Christ doctrine.”  There is, however, doctrine from the Lord that the church follows.  Consider what the New Testament reveals about that doctrine:



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